Monday, December 21, 2009

Women in the U.S. Marines: Why would a young lady join the Marine Corps?

I've found the answers to this question to be as varied and unique as
the women providing them, which is exactly what you find in asking young
men why they join. Being the husband of a former Marine, however, has
provided a glimpse of what may just be bricks in a common foundation. A
recent story (plus video and photo gallery) by Jonathan Foerster at
Naples News (Naples, FL) called "Teen to Marine" reveals some common
traits shared by these women, and it illustrates some of the unique
challenges they face - in and out of uniform.

While the training is the same for both men and women, concerns prior to
training are not necessarily parallel. Like the rest of the Corps,
Midwest Marines are comprised of about 6% women, so young ladies joining
the Marine Corps in the Midwest can face the additional challenge of
geographic separation from coastal Marine Corps bases and female mentors
for the most part, as well as from each other while waiting to attend
recruit training. However, more than 80 of these ladies from the Midwest Marines have
already have joined Marine mentors on the "Female Marines of the
Midwest" Facebook group to share experiences and concerns while
supporting each other as they prepare to earn the title. The women-only
private group is restricted to those currently in the Midwest Marines'
Delayed Entry Program and those serving as mentors. To join, simply
search the "Captain Amelia Kays" Facebook profile (photo in uniform).
Young ladies currently in the Midwest Marines Delayed Entry Program will
receive an invitation to join the group.

Posted via email from Midwest Marines