Friday, April 2, 2010

New webcast: She's seen combat, jumped from planes & done time in DC. Now she sees every woman who wants to be a Marine

Lt. Col. Roberta Shea is a combat veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan with the combat action ribbon to prove it. She’s jumped from airplanes, directed the Commandant’s staff, served at Guantanamo Bay, seen time in both the enlisted and officer ranks, graduated the U.S. Naval Academy and now commands the Marine Corps’ only unit that transforms young civilian women into Marines. The Midwest Marines’ Captain Amelia Kays had the rare opportunity a few weeks ago to sit down with Lt. Col. Shea at Parris Island, South Carolina, for a personal, inspiring, and even humorous glimpse into the life of a warrior with more than two decades in the Corps. How has she done it? Why has she done it? What should today’s young ladies expect from the Marines? Listen for answers from the most qualified source in the Marine Corps today.

The Midwest Marines would like to thank David Nelson, from Livonia, Michigan, for the questions he submitted for Lt. Col. Shea:

David Nelson said...
Lt. Col Shea,
Given the performance of military women in Iraq and Afghanistan in combat operations, it would seem that the current policy prohibited women from direct ground combat is outdated.
Do you forsee these policies changes? Particularly given the chaning attitudes in the country. Are you supportive of such a change to allow women in combat MOS if the standards are met.
Thank you.

We discussed these very important questions with Lt. Col. Shea prior to the interview, and she felt unqualified to speculate about the future of U.S. policy regarding women in military occupational specialties (jobs) directly related to combat because those decisions reside with the American people and the Department of Defense. She noted that is not her support, but rather that of the American people, that matters with issues as important as assigning combat roles to women.

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