Monday, February 1, 2010

Webcasts start Wednesday! Corps' senior Music Program talent scout talks candidly + getting your own questions answered in future webcasts.

What kind of musician joins the Marines? Do band members go to boot camp? How good is “good enough” to audition? What’s the audition process like? What’s the best source of information? What questions should you ask local recruiters? What positions are available? Does the band go to combat?

Get answers to these questions and more Wednesday during the Midwest Marines' inaugural webcast, as the Corps’ senior talent scout for the Marine Music Program, Master Sergeant Mitch Martin, talks about family and memorable moments, leading the small band of six Marine Music Program directors who scour the nation for worthy musicians, and spending the past 23 years toting his trumpet around the world as both a warrior and a musician.

While MSgt. Martin's visit surprised us, the Midwest Marines are extremely excited about future webcasts because we want YOU to tell us what   questions we should be asking. Here's how:

1.   We announce an upcoming interview on this blog with background information about the subject matter expert to help you determine questions for his or her area of expertise. Our Twitter followers and Facebook fans will also be notified when upcoming interviews are announced.

2.   You submit the questions you want us to ask by commenting on the announcement no later than the published submission deadline. (Please include a first name and the town you're writing from for your questions to be considered). The Midwest Marines will acknowledge your submission.


3.   We incorporate your questions into the interview.

4.   We all listen to the webcast that includes answers to your important questions. Midwest Marines webcasts will post on our official website, and you'll find excerpts and related commentary right here on the Midwest Marines' blog. 

Feel free to send us your ideas for future podcasts as well. We want to address what YOU feel is important, so please let us know.


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