Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Webcast interview with the Corps' senior music program talent scout

What kind of musician joins the Marines? Do band members go to boot camp? How good is “good enough” to audition? What’s the audition process like? What’s the best source of information? What questions should you ask local recruiters? What positions are available? Does the band go to combat?
In an impromptu interview with the Corps’ senior talent scout for the Marine Music Program, Master Sergeant Mitch Martin, talks about family and memorable moments, leading the small band of seven Marine Music Program directors who scour the nation for worthy musicians, and spending the past 23 years toting his trumpet around the world as both a warrior and a musician.

Part 1
Falling in love with music, A viable career option for a professional musician, The type of musician the Marine Corps would consider, What life is like for a musician in the Marine Corps, and a memorable meeting with the President in the desert  

Part 2
Challenges in boot camp and beyond, Life as a husband and father, Moonlighting, The types of music played by Marine Bands, The types of venues bands play, which are most rewarding, and Michigan memories, and Requesting a band to play in your town

Part 3
Special music units, Being a rifleman first and duties in combat, First steps for those interested in becoming Marine musicians, The audition process, Why band members make great Marine musicians, and What parents and educators should ask.    

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