Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting out of the cold soon with HS teachers seeing boot camp up close in San Diego with the first 2010 Midwest Marines Educators Workshop

Thoughts of the four upcoming Midwest Marines Educators Workshop trips to San Diego are helping us stay warm as temperatures plummet and snow piles up across America’s heartland. A few seats are still available for high school teachers and faculty (and a few members of the media) to experience Marine Corps recruit training first hand and free of charge between February and June. I’m glad I’ll be joining the firsts groups from Milwaukee and Saint Louis at the end of February – I’m ready to go right now (after shoveling my way out of the driveway, of course)!


While it’s no dog and pony show and the days are long, groups from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Western Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Northwestern Arkansas and parts of the Dakotas tour recruit training, a major Marine Corps base, and an air station.  Most importantly, no question is off limits, and educators can even speak to the actual recruits currently going through boot camp; it’s pretty awesome when teachers come across their former students in training!


Information, trip dates, past educator comments, and application instructions are available at the Midwest Marines’ official website, where you can also download memory books from past Midwest Marines Educators Workshops. Interested educators can also simply contact their local Marine Corps recruiter to find out about upcoming trips from their area.


The video below gives a nice overview of the program, and there are numerous news reports online from reporters who’ve joined us. Drop us a comment if you need help finding one of the reports from Midwestern media outlets.


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