Monday, January 18, 2010

Hopefully Marines' Iraq departure signals return to expeditionary roots

Now THIS is good news (First wave of Marines leave Iraq)! Our Marines have performed remarkably in Iraq, but it's time to get back to our roots: ship-based, expeditionary operations; deploying at a moment's notice with a Marine Air Ground Task Force capable of accomplishing nearly anything.

 I've heard it said that a Marine in combat fights not for country and not for Corps, but rather for the Marines to his left and right. Whether or not that’s true in every case, Master Sgt. Sewell’s recollection in this story is a poignant reminder of the often unspoken but always present commitment Marines have to each other:

As a severely wounded Marine was flown in by helicopter, "We'd go down there and stand in line, waiting to give blood," said [Master Sgt. Matthew] Sewell, 26, of N. Ft. Myers, Florida. "You'd see 200 people standing in line. We'd all stand there until the guy was stabilized or we gave blood." (AP)

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